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YELLOW SUITCASE | Branding + Web Design

Felicia Guitton is a Co-Active Life Coach who specializes in helping people move forward on the path to their best life. She is a creative, artistic coach who uses her intuition to guide clients to uncover their motivation and direction.

Yellow Suitcase is a two-fold metaphor for unpacking emotional baggage, and preparing for a journey to a life of exploration and freedom.

Felicia is vivacious and loves culture and travel, and her coaching style incorporates sensory experiences, so we set out to design a brand that reflects the zest for life that she awakens in her clients.

Archetypes: Artist, Alchemist
Keywords: colourful, journey, passion


To start the project, I collected inspirational images. I had Felicia Pin images on a shared Pinterest board that she liked, and I noticed something interesting: she was attracted to bright, contrasting colour schemes: blue & orange, yellow & purple, hot pink & teal. Her colour palette allows for lots of bright combinations in her marketing materials. The mood board is not only bright, but evokes the travel theme with tropical locations, maps, and a yellow suitcase, of course.


The logo is a yellow suitcase that is opening as a metaphor of letting one’s inner light shine. The sun shining from the suitcase is also reminiscent of the Great Eastern Sun from the Shambhala lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, which represents the “mental conviction and prowess to engage in life with precision and purpose.”

I hand-lettered the word ‘yellow’ and chose a whimsical font for the word ‘suitcase.’ Felicia requested I add “Life Coaching” after the design was finished, and we discussed at length the unconventional use of three lettering styles in a logo, but in the end, we decided that Felicia’s own personality is vast, and her life diverse, and therefore using three styles, although a bit taboo in the graphic design world, is perfectly natural in Felicia’s world.



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