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I started this blog for to showcase my DIY projects. The theme is living in line with your values, with a focus on sustainability and DIY, and an undercurrent of spirituality.

Components: brand archetype profile, colour palette, inspiration & brand board, website design, graphic templates


As with every branding project, I start by determining the brand’s archetypes. Standing Ground’s archetypes are Alchemist and Hero.

The Alchemist emphasizes transformation as a visionary and charismatic leader, while the Hero is about strength in adversity. These archetypes are fitting because SG aims to give people the courage and inspiration to change their lives to line up with their values, even though it can be challenging in this world of distraction and disposability.

The Alchemist is the most prominent visual archetype in the resulting brand strategy. The purple tones convey spirituality, transformation, and a heart-centred approach, while the lime and turquoise hint at nature. The gold accents emphasize the transformational aspect, gold being associated with alchemy. The aim was to blend elegance with a rustic, vintage feeling.

Brand Board

Social Templates



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Other Graphics


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