February 13


Farmpunk Advocate Blog

After finishing my Master of Architecture, during which I researched much more about food than architecture, I started Farmpunk Advocate in 2012. I wrote about food security issues like sustainable agriculture and the importance of eating local, and I shared recipes and instructions for DIY projects like how to make your own tempeh.

The name and banner was inspired by “Farmer’s Advocate and Home Magazine,” a semi-monthly publication about farm life. I found a few issues from the early 1920s at an antique shop and loved the ornate Victorian graphics, and the early industrial machinery featured within.

Some of my posts were accompanied by infographics or printables. The graphics I produced for the blog had a grungy, Wild West feeling. I like the idea of looking to the past for inspiration.

In addition to blogging, I also did workshops on how to make your own lacto-fermented vegetables, and in each workshop, I touched on the importance of using local produce, and preserving what you can.


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