You know you could have a successful online business, if you could only choose which business.

What if I told you you didn't have to choose?

why Passion Pathfinding?

Do you have so many interests you can't choose a path?

Does choosing a niche seem really limiting? 

Do you dread answering "What do you do?"

If you have several varied interests, you know how frustrating it is to decide which business to start, or choose a niche. 

You want the flexibility and freedom of a successful online business, but have trouble sticking to one thing because you have so many amazing ideas you'd love to share with the world!

You know it's possible to make a living with an online business, and you dream of working from anywhere, but you can't seem to stick to one idea. Maybe you've already left an assortment of abandoned blogs in your wake (like I do)?

So how can you design a business that has room for ALL of you, and won't leave you bored?

Imagine if. . .

...you embraced  all your interests 

Imagine having a plan for your business and life that included all your diverse interests.

Imagine having a thriving blog and business that could evolve with you as your interests change. 

Imagine creating a thriving online community of like-minded people. 

Imagine working from anywhere, sharing what you love online and creating digital products.  

You don't have to choose one interest! 

You can turn your many passions into a profitable online business that will keep you excited.  

Passion Pathfinding is my own method of discovering your perfect, unique business. In this interactive video chat session, we'll use cards created during the session to develop a concise blueprint for your passion-driven and profitable online business.

If you know you want to start an online business but you have so many interests that you can't decide which business to start, a Passion Pathfinding consultation will set you off in the right direction with a niche you love and a concise business plan. 

passion pathfinding multipassionate cards


What if my interests have nothing in common? 

With Passion Pathfinding, we'll make a multipassionate map for your life and business. Some passions will be central to your business, some may be successive, and some will be like the Ace up your sleeve that makes you stand out in a crowd. 
We'll figure out the theme for your business that ties it all together. 


multipassionates are the best people to thrive in online business. 

You're not limited to one product or idea. You build your audience first, and then create offerings that are fun for you, and valuable for them.

Instead of excelling at one thing, you let your personality shine online and find like-minded people. 

You'll never be bored wearing all the different hats that small business owners wear.

Discovering your theme and your audience is the first step. In the Passion Pathfinding session, we'll discover your audience, your message, and other essential elements to get your business started. 

I feel like this is the most clear that I've ever gotten with who my potential market is. 

Ann Denny, EFT Coach

ann denny profile

How did I figure this out? 

I know from experience the difficulty of being multipassionate. I used to hate when people asked me "What do you do?" I was either doing too many things to list, or I was working on a yet-to-be-successful blog. I would make lists of career possibilities, and list the pros and cons of each, I would buy domains and start websites and blogs for every great idea. In the last 6 years, I've spent almost $7000 on business courses.   

I knew I had the skills and knowledge to succeed at something

. . .but what

I resisted choosing one path because of the fear of giving up on every other amazing idea I had. 

One day as my lists got overwhelming, I decided I needed a visual way to explore my interests and figure out how they all fit together. That's how I developed Passion Pathfinding. This interactive activity uses little cards on a table to dynamically play with different business ideas. We'll use the cards, my business knowledge, and our intuition to look for patterns in your interests and discover a business you'll love. 

I used this system myself to design a multi-faceted business that gives me freedom and flexibility to
work with the people I want to work with, and do all the things I enjoy doing.

Now I can

  • Express my creativity
  • Make my own hours
  • Explore new interests

Is Passion Pathfinding right for you?

It's for you if:

  • You have lots of interests and/or hobbies and have trouble deciding among them
  • You know you want an online-based business, and love to share your interests and hobbies with others

It's not for you if:

  • You're looking to start a business that is mainly brick-and-mortar
  • You don't enjoy sharing about your hobbies & interests
  • You’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme (good luck with that).

What do we do in a Passion Pathfinding session?

My Unique Pathfinding Card "Reading"

  • The session starts with a special guided meditation to get your subconscious engaged and your creativity flowing.
  • Then we'll talk about multipassionate mindset and some of the theory behind this method.  
  • Then comes the heart of Passion Pathfinding, where we generate your custom Passion Path Deck and use the cards to help us map your life and business plan. We'll arrange them on the desktop in different ways to help you discover answers to questions about different aspects of your business, making it fun and easy to visualize your path. In the online session, I use two cameras, so you'll be able to see me, and the card layouts. 
  • I'll take notes and photos of the card layouts during the session, and you'll receive a Passion Path outline for your online business, AND I'll mail you your Path Cards as a keepsake so you can continue to draw inspiration from them.

Passion Pathfinding Session

Experience Passion Pathfinding, and get a concise blueprint for your business.

Go even deeper. . .

Are you ready to turn your amazing idea into a thriving online business? I'd love to help you!

Passion Pathfinding Coaching 

I'll keep you on track as you lay the foundation for your online business. 

You'll work on your business at your own pace with my support and guidance. I'll help you choose a name, tagline, and craft your "elevator pitch," design your brand and get started with your online presence. We'll meet regularly and I'll be your "business BFF!"

You can learn:

  • How to choose a name and tagline
  • How to define your ideal audience
  • How to make money online, and how YOU want to make money online
  • How to set up your online presence to attract your people

Book a free discovery call to see how I can help you. 


Passion Pathfinding

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Ditch analysis paralysis and get clear on your vision for a passion- and purpose-driven online business.