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Mindset Isn’t Everything

Have you heard the phrase “Mindset is Everything”? It has become a cliche in the world of self-improvement and personal development. Mindset is important, but this motto puts mindset above everything else, and neglects other equally important facets of our beings 

The Transformational Embodiment Method is a holistic coaching paradigm, developed by Natalie MacNeil, that goes beyond mindset shift, and creates lasting change by addressing all facets of our being. 

Mindset-Based or Cognitive Coaching

First let’s talk about predominant coaching paradigms. A lot of coaching centres around mindset, is goal oriented, and there’s a lot of strategy of hustling and making it happen. The mindset-focused approach is also a very masculine, left-brained approach. It is mental, logical, rational and it doesn’t account for other factors that might be keeping us stuck in our lives such as energetic blocks or emotional trauma. 

It also assumes that healing and transformation is a linear process – “do this, get that,”  which it isn’t. It’s a cycle or a spiral and healing one thing can lead to excavating something else that needs healing. Growth is constant and the mindset-focused approach implies that all you need to do is flip a switch in your brain and everything will change, but that is an oversimplification.

The Transformational Embodiment Method

The Transformational Embodiment Method is a relatively new methodology  in coaching, developed by Natalie MacNeil, that takes into account five facets or layers of being to create profound transformation by helping the client to embody the desired result on all five levels of their being in the present. 

Let’s break that down.

In this method, we look at the core essences of the goals, desires or vision that the client is looking to move toward, and seek to embody the essence of the goal in the present. 

Core Essences

The essence of a thought, belief, desire or feeling is like the “why” for you – the reason you want that goal, or the way it will make you feel.

Examples of essences might be abundance, freedom, love, joy, abundance, etc. 

For example, say your vision is to start a vegan eco-village and live off the grid with your besties, the essence of that goal might be connection, sustainability, freedom, collaboration, equity…or a combination. To find the essences, ask yourself “What does having  _____ allow me to feel?”  or “What does _____ allow me to be?”


To embody an essence means to express that core essence of a thought, belief, desire, or feeling in the present, and express it on all layers of being. 

So Transformational Embodiment means the process of transforming an area of your life through the embodiment of the essence of that which you desire.

In this way, you are changing yourself to line up with your vision first. Traditional coaching posits “Do this first, then become something else” The change comes after the actions. 

The Transformational Embodiment Method flips this around, the being comes before the doing. The being comes before the doing, where “Being” is the embodiment of the essence. You’re transforming yourself in the present, and the ‘doing’ will come naturally. 

If you are starting with tasks and To-Do lists, and strategy, you can often feel confused, overwhelmed, or stuck. This is because you’re not addressing all facets of your being. Emotional trauma might be trying to keep you safe. Energetic blocks might be cutting you off from your potential. Doing the inner transformation work first, makes it much easier to create outward change. 

In Emotional Freedom Technique (also knows as tapping) there is a phrase we use that starts “I feel as good as though [insert desire or goal] has already happened” and that is kind of similar to the Transformational Embodiment Method. EFT tapping into that energy, feeling, and vibration of the desired result we raise ourselves to that vibration of the new reality in the present.

Another way I like to think of this is the quote “Pain pushes until Vision pulls.” the way I interpret this is that when you’re in the state of pain pushing,  “pain” just means not being where you want to be.  your general suffering not being where you want to be his pushing you along but it’s not an easy Journey.  maybe you’re procrastinating.  maybe you’re making lots of to do list and not really doing many of the things.  maybe you’re feeling stuck or indecisive.  and then being in the state where Vision pulls tasks become effortless.  when you discover the core essences of your goals and desires and dreams,  and you begin to embody those in the present,  your current self right now is already aligned with making those things come into reality.  When vision is pulling you you’re feeling aligned,  you’re feeling inspired.

In TEM, we are exploring the ways that we can embody what we want to be right now so that instead of goal setting where you decide on your goal and then you come up with a plan and you outline your plan and make a task list FIRST, instead you become what you want to become, and then the doing will come naturally. You can still have a plan, and strategy, and To-Do lists, but they will become a lot easier to accomplish. If you are already operating from a place of the desired outcome, you will see more clearly what needs to be done, and what will have the most impact. 

Facets of Being

I have mentioned the facets, layers, or levels of being a few times now. This is where the “Mindset Isn’t Everything” comes in. Our being is not just our body and mind. Saying that Mindset is Everything ignores our emotional, energetic, physical and spiritual selves. 

Many cultures around the world talk about having layers of being like energetic layers. These are referenced in ancient scriptures around the world. Some talk about five layers and some describe more than five. I think this is because they are all so interconnected that it’s hard to know where one stops and another begins. For the purpose of this discussion, we’ll use the five layers as described in the Vedanta school of thought, where they are known as Koshas. 

The five are Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. 


The physical facet is the most dense facet of your being. To embody an essence with your physical facet, you could change your posture, your voice, your outward appearance, health, clothing, and environment. You might even change your breathing or your stride – anything to do with your physical body or environment.


Your energetic facet includes your chakra system and your nadis or Meridian system. This is the energetic blueprint for your physical body and blocks in your energetic body are going to affect not only your physical body but also your ability to create change in the physical world. Your energetic body is like a manifesting machine that transmutes subtle energies into physical matter. Embodiment on this level might look like tuning into the chakra that corresponds to the essence you’re looking to embody, or doing energy work to clear blocks. 


Your emotional facet is the part of you that reacts to outside stimuli and situations.

We all have some degree of emotion trauma that begins in childhood and affects the way we relate to the world. Healing emotional body and releasing emotional traumas helps us move forward in our life this is one that is often tripping people up when they cognitively understand how they can solve a problem and how they can forward and they have a plan and they spend lots of time planning and thinking and yet not doing the emotional body is keeping us stock it’s holding our fear I fear of being seen a fear of judgement all the fears are stored in arm of nobody and if we don’t address those then it doesn’t matter how well we understand the problem and how well we change our mindset and adopted in power and believe or do affirmations about an empowering progress will still be slow and difficult


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