for emerging entrepreneurs, multipassionates, 
and conscious creators

Bring all your passions together with a cohesive personality brand! 

You need a captivating brand that ensures your ideal clients immediately recognize you as their "solution soulmate."

A brand is more than just a logo, it’s a visual aesthetic and a voice that connects with customers on an emotional level, and it's a big part of how your people get to know, like, and trust you. Consistency is key to converting views into sales, and making your content stand out.

We’ll dive into discovering your brand personality, and build the brand around it, and I’ll talk you through the psychology of all your branding decisions to ensure your business is optimized for success.

I work one-on-one with you to delve deep into the heart of your business, and your values to discover your brand's personality. I use the Brand Archetype approach as a guide to creating an effective visual style that can be used throughout your company, from online to on paper.

I absolutely LOVE the mood board. It feels very much aligned with my mission and who I am.

— Leah Parsons, Spiritual Counselor

The Design Process

Personality Discovery

Here’s where the fun starts! I’ll send you a homework packet to complete that will help me get a deeper understanding of your brand's personality, business goals, and preferences. I work within the framework of brand archetypes -- iconic personalities that guide my design process. Is your brand a Hero, a Magician, a Healer. . .? We will discover it together. I will also have you send me any inspiration you’ve already collected (Pinterest, references to anything you love, etc.) and any extra details you want me to know. I LOVE Pinterest, so if you're open to it, I will create a shared board for us to share ideas.

Direction Board

The first thing I'll create for your custom branding design is a direction board (also called a mood board) — a collection of inspiration that will serve as a reference of the feeling we're trying to evoke with your brand. It's a custom colour palette and a collage of images based on our conversations, my research, and the brand questionnaire. You'll have the opportunity to request 2 rounds of revisions, to make sure you're excited about the direction the brand is going. Once you're happy, I start on the logo and other brand elements.

Creation of Brand Elements

After the mood board, I’ll send you 3 unique logo concepts to choose from. After choosing, you’ll have up to 2 rounds of revisions to get the logo looking perfect. Next, I’ll create an alternate logo to compliment the primary logo design. During this stage I’ll also create any items. Each item in your branding package will include up to 2 revisions. 


Once you’re completely in love with your new branding, I’ll bundle everything up in a nice little Google Drive package so you can use it for all future projects.

At the end of the process you’ll receive: 

  • A mood board with customized color palette
  • A brand board with font suggestions and other graphic elements
  • Web and print-ready logo files, with secondary logo in colour and black and white, and custom favicon

  • A brand style guide including your archetype analysis, and guidelines and notes to help you maintain consistency in the future
  • Any 2 other custom marketing materials. Choose from business cards, poster, social media campaign, contracts, flyers, etc. 

Make sure your message is clear in an instant!

Discover your personality brand that resonates with your people. 



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